MML Body Count: S3 PC FFA1

Yesterday, April 25th the first ever MML PC FFA tournament took place. What you’re reading now is the MML Body Count. Here’s where you’ll find our after action report of all the standings, matches and stories that took place during the tournament. So, without any more nonsense let’s see who won the tourney.

1st Place – iTz Hammeh
2nd Place – HomerHPC
3rd Place – MuffinUrMum
4th Place – Jigstraw

The FFA started off with 2 pools of 5 players. There was Pool 1; consisting of Jigstraw, Unicarn, Midori, augie, and momo1478 and Pool 2; including iTz Hammeh, xZero, HomerHPC, Kaizoku no ken, and MuffinUrMum. For the first pc tournament we could already tell there were going to be some awesome matches. It was also very cool to see some new faces in the MML.

Round 1, Game 1 started off on the classic MML map Theater of Pain. Pool 1 noticed right away that this new player, momo1478 was no simple n00b but a truly skilled player that everyone should be taking seriously. With momo1478 stealing 1st, Jigstraw sinking 2nd place, Midori slamming 3rd, Unicarn 4th, and augie in 5th the lobby was in for some close matches. Pool 2 however seemed to be a different story. Hammeh(as usual) was dominating the competition although Homer wasn’t far behind. The match ended with Hammeh in 1st, Homer grabbing 2nd, xZero(otherwise known as DutyDeaf) placing 3rd, and old console player MuffinUrMum in 4th, and Kaizoku no ken in 5th. Pool 1: Game 2 on Tiers of Joy concluded with momo1478 in 1st yet again, Jigstraw in a close 2nd, and Unicarn just beating Midori for 3rd. As it turns out Pool 2’s standing for Game 2 were exactly the same as the first with Hammeh reking shop yet again.

Round 1 Game 3 was here and it was for all the marbles, as only the top 3 players would move to the finals. However game 3 hosting something new to the MML. The map known as Antiquated was the first map to be played in an FFA without any power weapons. Only was only Pistols, BRs and nades in game 3. Pool 1’s standings were momo1478 and Jigstraw taking 1st and 2nd, and Midori placing 3rd. Pool 2 however suffered from a small disqualification. It seems that xZero had to leave the tourney due to some sort of sickness or a rage quit, were not quite sure which one it was. Anyways, Hammeh won the match, with Homer in a close 2nd and Muffin grabbing 3rd, it was now time for the finals.

The finals pool was momo1478, Jigstraw, Midori, Hammeh, Homer, and MuffinUrMum. The maps being played were Hierarchy v10, Disciple, and Rabid v9. The finals went off without a hitch with Hammeh and Homer securing 1st and 2nd through out all 3 games and Muffin landing 3rd place for games 1 and 2 and Jigstraw taking 3rd in game 3. The battle for 4th was heating up with momo1478, Midori.However momo was disqualified for leaving to study for some school exams. Ultimately the finals standings were Hammeh in 1st, Homer 2nd, MuffinUrMum 3rd, Jigstraw 4th, and Midori 5th.

Congratulations to all the new pros and thanks to everyone who played. Be sure to check out some of the players POVs of the tournament on youtube, specifically Jigstraw’s gameplay. Hope to see all you miners in the next one!

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