Murder Miners X – Sneak Peek 1

Hey Miners, today we have something very special from JForceGames, the first Murder Miners X sneak peek video. The video down below gives us a quick look at the game in one of the earliest builds and lets us see the possibilities of the final product. Let’s go over some cool stuff we notice in the video, shall we?

First off, you will notice the new and improved miner models that we saw back in January. They’re all green here in this video but we’re unassuming you’ll be able to change your colors as you can now in Murder Miners one. Next you may notice that with this new game engine, the render distance has definitely improved. You can see that the textures closer to the player appear clear and begin to fade/blur as they move away from the player. This will certainly improve the problems we have with larger scaled maps. Looking at some of the textures you will notice that the ground is very similar to MM1’s scraps or playa blocks, possibly a mixture of the two. You can also see some dirt or mud to the left with a new stony, rock texture on the cliff. We can also see the introduction of shadows!

As for gameplay we can confirm that the game will still have crouching and large jump height, hopefully similar to MM1. You can also see that there’s a crouching animation in the air so all you sweaty kids will be Gandhi hopping again! The gameplay also received a large improvement on the ground with the inclusion of ramps and inclines. No longer will you have those awkward staircase battles where one player is force to back down or wall jump to the top. We’re also hoping that wall jumping and dashing will make a return considering how influential they were in MM1.

Overall, we’re super excited about MMX and to see what new things show up in the upcoming sneak peeks!

“A quick look at one of the very early builds of Murder Miners X! Alpha access is coming.” -JForceGames