Murder Miners League Leaderboard

What is the MML Leaderboad?
The Leaderboard is a total of your Murder Miners League score that you receive for placing in MML tournaments. At the end of the season we will be hosting invite only competitions for PC and XBOX. Only the top players/teams, with the most score, will be invited to play. The points you receive from placing in each tournament and every ladder are calculated together to create a total MML Score. The top players on the Leaderboard through out the season will obtain MML Pro status and appear red on the forum.

– Tournament Points:
1st – 700 LeaderBoard Points
2nd – 500 LeaderBoard Points
3rd – 300 LeaderBoard Points
4th – 200 LeaderBoard Points
Participants – 100 LeaderBoard points
– Ladder Points:
1st – 500 LeaderBoard Points
2nd – 300 LeaderBoard Points
3rd – 200 LeaderBoard Points
4th – 100 LeaderBoard Points
Participants – 0