Movement I

Yo Miners, it’s Easy. This video came out a couple weeks ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend giving it a good watchy watch. Movement I is the first big team montage from ya boys; xKhasm, bbkstarzHELLIANN, Sour PebblesJigstraw and Michiquinn. Put it this way… I was perfectly happy on xbone with my Overwatch and my Dooms and my broken Halo collection and it still made me want to come back to play and build in Miners again. Good video is good. Guys, if you’re reading this… MAKE MORE!

“Hey guys HELLIANN here and we are all very proud to present our first installment in our Murder Miners Montaging series MOVEMENT. Huge thanks to xKhasm for this insane editing and you can all look forward to more group montages like this in the future hopefully with even more members recruited by then also for those of you wondering yes this is essentially the new Team Rich Tea but we wanted to start fresh with more members bigger clips and a better name. Thank you all for the continued support.”