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  • MMX is now using the Unity engine

    MMX is now using the Unity engine

    Development of Murder Miners X is gradually coming along. More pics coming soon. A few weeks ago we decided to make the switch from Unreal Engine 4 over to Unity. This engine uses C# which is much faster/easier to code in, at least for Jonny, especially since he’s used to XNA which also uses C# […]

  • Murder Miners PC Update #17

    Murder Miners PC Update #17

    This update adds several new player options. You can now turn on/off the following: sprint, fast movement, turbo fire mode (where all weapons fire as fast as you can click your mouse), infinite ammo, and spawn beams. We also lowered the number of players required for achievements down to 6. Also changed the name of […]

  • Murder Miners X Player Model

    Murder Miners X Player Model

    First look at Murder Miners X! This model is a work in progress (for instance, the shoulder pieces aren’t added yet). And this is the high poly version which is made for texturing purposes. The actual version will be lower poly. Think something like Master Chief from Halo CE. We’re again working with Mike Fortais […]


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