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  • Murder Miners X – Sneak Peek 2

    Murder Miners X – Sneak Peek 2

    “Nothing shown in this video is finished. It’s still very early. A lot of networking / ‘under the hood’ type stuff has been worked on in the past couple of months. We just got custom armor colors in. You’ll be able to change two colors on each armor piece instead of one, plus we plan […]

  • DevilWizards: A Miners Dualtage

    DevilWizards: A Miners Dualtage

    Hey Miners, here’s a sick new Murder Miners dualtage featuring Hellian and SEMagical. Hellian said: “Im proud to present me and my good friend magics dualtage DevilWizards. I edited this dualtage with Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 and the song i used was Secret and Whisper-Spider Besider.” Hellian’s channel | SEMagical’s channel

  • xKhasm :: 1v1 Murder Spree on Worthy!

    xKhasm :: 1v1 Murder Spree on Worthy!

    xKhasm is back with another clip. This time showing us what he can do in a one on one situation. Here he picks up five consecutive OP sniper head shots on another MML Pro, MiThiKaL.


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