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  • Repulse 2

    Repulse 2

    Repulse 2: A Murder Miners Montage by Sour Pebbles

  • Believe The Snipe

    Believe The Snipe

    Sour and Me are very proud to present Believe The Snipe a Dualtage we’ve been working on for about 2 months now. We hope you enjoy what will be one of our last full efforts in a Murder Miners video. -Helliann

  • Murder Miners Map Jumps | Theater of Pain

    Murder Miners Map Jumps | Theater of Pain

    “This is a new series where ill be going through every known jump on certain MML maps hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Sour Pebbles for showing me some of the harder jumps.” -Hellian


Murder Miners

Murder Miners League