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  • Murder Miners Weapon Guide

    Murder Miners Weapon Guide

    Hey Miners, here’s a little weapon guide I put together. I hope it helps you all out. Please link this page to new players who are looking for advice to improve their gameplay. I’ll be sure to make one for Murder Miners X when it releases too

  • Khasm: Final Murder Miners Montage

    Khasm: Final Murder Miners Montage

    Here’s xKhasm’s Final Murder Miners Montage! It features a lot of old clips from past montages he’s made as well as many new clips nobody has ever seen before. Make sure to tell him he did a great job. Let’s just hope he’ll be back for MMX. xKhasm said; “Love you guys Dont have enough time to play xbox […]

  • Raising The Standard

    Raising The Standard

    A Murder Miners Montage Trailer edited by xEasyTargetx with gameplay from HELLIANN. HELLIANN said; “Raising The Standard is my next Murder Miners montage coming out soon. Its going to be much much better than my previous montages. I wanna thank xEasyTargetx so much for making this epic trailer the montage will be out on Tuesday.”


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